Drones Versus Undersea Boats

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
New World Record Claim For Solar Powered Drone Flight​
August 10, 2018​
by Michael Bloch​

After I read about the drone I remembered:

No ship escorted by a blimp was ever sunk. We hasten to add that this antisubmarine program was a partnership operation that developed using blimps the small CVE "jeep carriers," PBY Catalina squadrons and other patrol squadrons. The aircraft however, could not be watching over these merchant fleets all the time, as the blimps could. The blimps often could do the job themselves with their limited fire power and depth charges. When needed they could call for aircraft from the CVE assigned the area. The system worked very well.​

The Forgotten Blimps of World War II​
CTC Edward E. Nugent, USN (Ret)​

Blimps could spot the shadow of a submerged submarine and dept charge them with deadly accuracy although no blimp ever sank a German U-BOAT.

Putin’s recent announcement that Russia had an unstoppable missiles launched from a submerged submarine makes me wonder what part drones will play in submarine warfare?