Duncan Hunter To Change Plea To Guilty, Resign From Congress

Nov 2012

I was gob-smacked that he was re-elected after the story broke, but considering the low bar rethugs have for their candidates, I should not have been. Invoking “what’s best for my children” is pretty standard stuff. Considering what was likely to come out in a trial, pleading guilty was this dirt-sack’s best bet. It also comes after trying to blame his wife, who plead guilty to the same charges back in June (what a guy).

According to Politico, the recommended federal sentence is between eight and fourteen months, but attorneys will argue for a drastically shortened sentence due to his military and public service. In my mind, he abused his public service generating a personal slush fund.
I wonder how long it takes him to show up on the lobbyist circuit...

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Jul 2019
took him long enough.
and he only did it now because there's pretty much zero chance he'd win if he pleaded not guilty.

that picture is so money
lock that thug up