Ecoside! We have more environmental worries than rising carbon levels in the atmosphere and business as usual won't solve it!

Dec 2016
The new Climate Denier "theory" is what if the ice caps melt. That doesn't raise the water level. Hoax.
Witch hunt. Bah!
Yeah, that's deliberately omitting big parts of the story! Melting the sea ice in the Arctic Ocean and pack ice around Antarctica in the south will only cause a small increase in sea levels; BUT they're not counting two things:
1. There are large ice sheets over land that have started sliding into the ocean: Greenland's ice sheets are melting away fast AND worse - the much colder Antarctic ice sheets are almost 90% of the world's ice, and are starting to break away also and slide off into the sea. Best estimate based purely on volume is that average sea levels will be 270 feet higher than today when all of the world's ice has melted.
2. And even without adding land ice, sea levels will also rise as ocean temperatures rise and expand the volume of water.
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