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Dec 2018
Okay.. Here. There is a person who grew up in a high functioning home. And then this person was required to reside in a 'low functioning' home. Is this person's health in jeopardy in any way?

And visa versa. There is a person who grew up in a not so high functioning home. And then this person was required to reside in a 'highly functioning' home. Is this person's health in jeopardy in any way?

Lethargy might not kill the lethargic but it could debilitate the high functioning one in the lethargic's home.
Dec 2018
Name the top 5 most 'expensive' cities to live in in the U.S and guess-timate if those cities would be 'high functioning', 'low functioning' or 'mid functioning' to their costs of living.

5. Alaska
4. New York
3. Massachusetts
2. California
1. Hawaii

The most expensive places to live in America

I would have thought that these 5 places would be catering to the 'wealthy' if they are that expensive to live in.. But what 'wealthy' enjoys dirtiness and uncleanliness?

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Surely they are not the most expensive as far as 'medical billings' are concerned, are they? NOISE pollution does 'add' to the costs, right? Not to mention clogged ventilation systems and lethargic 'resters'?

I called a local Major Business for a service. The answering prompt came on.. 'Your expected wait time is 1 hour. Please wait for the next representative, they will be with you shortly'.

I kid you not.

I wish i could have 'recorded' that and uploaded it.. It is just too hilarious and down right 'trodden'.

The wise might say, 'Make sure the phone is plugged in and charging while waiting'.

Dizzy spells? Not spells which make you dizzy as in witchcraft but dizzy spells? Falling on the sidewalk? Getting into moped and car accidents for no apparent reason other than, I'm in a rush to get to nowhere in particular? Huh? Smells coming out from the woodworks, noise the sound of major industrial factories on public sidewalks, rooftops being careful not to land on the heads of the sidewalk pedestrians? And all for some lucrative idea of living in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S? Is this 'glamazon'?

And on top of that, why get upset for 'marketing' the place with Truth?

Fine! Nothing is wrong with that.. Where is the door 'OUT'?

Forgive me for not having 'Eyes Wide Open' to be able to 'lead myself' 'OUT'. For Heaven's sake, Have some mercy, please.

I mean, why are 'individuals' getting more upset than State Government for speaking anything against the place? Strange..

Conspiracy: The residents take over Local State Government.

And how strange: A Senator from Hawaii was seen on the news saying that it was her 'mission' to look into and get 'just' for 'sexual improper affairs' cases which the Kavanaugh case inspired her to do. She was seen 'running' out the door. How can a Senator be both a Senator and 'investigator' at the same time?

But I have known a person here, where he is now, noone is too certain. But his 'motto' or song of choice was, White Flag.

One part of the song is as :

I will go down with this ship
And I won't put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door
I'm in love and always will be

As for me... I have to wait.

Remember... Senators are really 'not' supposed to be inhabitants of the State in which he is chosen to be Senator. So this senator of Hawaii, as well most all other current Senators, are not really 'in line' with Constitutional requirements of being a House Representative or Senator. But who's going to change anything? Not even the Schools are willing to correct the 'English' reading comprehension mistakes.

Although the U.S Constitution can be read and understood by any, School teachers and scholars are 'afraid' to say what is written due to some 'fear' that to do so might have them 'fired' from their job or something. So they lacked in reading comprehension a little. Big deal. Who doesn't have faulty reading comprehension?

It's just been so long since it's been corrected, that's all. Everybody has gotten used to the 'new comprehension' of the Constitution as far as House Representatives and Senators are concerned. Or everybody's just taking what the general 'word of mouth' is pertaining to those. It hasn't gotten fixed. Big deal, right. It's already gotten to this extent. The bigger deal was that it wasn't corrected the first time it occurred or the second or third time.

So, Question: Name the first U.S President that did not follow the U.S Constitution's requirements for being President.
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Dec 2018
So, Question: Name the first U.S President that did not follow the U.S Constitution's requirements for being President.
hint: This is the paternal grandparent of the President.

Born in Ulster, Ireland in 1787

The 'male' in the above picture has the same first name as the King of England in 1609 to which Jamestown was named in 'honor' of.

If you want to make friends, share M&M's or if you want to know the grandson to this person, turn the M&M upside down and you will get?

however.... the names of this figure's, in the portrait, biological father and mother are 'unknown' meaning they could have been citizens of the U.S at the time of the adoption of the U.S Constitution but on 'travel'. Which could answer the 'how' this person was able to 'emigrate' to the U.S as a youth pre-1817, the year in which he purchased the Western Herald and changing the name to Western Herald and Steubenville Gazette.

Which, if his biological dad was truly a U.S citizen at the time of this person's birth, 1787, could have been in running to be chosen to be a Senator of a State in which he was not an 'inhabitant' of, just as the other first Senators were not for the States in which they were 'elected'.

Article 1 Section 3
"... who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen."

In other words, if this person was 'chosen' to represent Philadelphia, he was not allowed to be an inhabitant of that State when elected. If he was an inhabitant of New York when elected, per se, he could have been 'elected' properly.

So let's take the current Senator(s) of Hawaii for example:

Mrs. Hirono and Mr. Schatz

If they were not inhabitants of Hawaii, when elected, they could have been 'elected' properly. Just as all the other State Senators and State House Representatives which have the same requirements of not being an inhabitant, when elected.

Article 1 Section 2: House of Representatives
Article 1 Section 3: Senators...

"...who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen."

And it is for this reason that the 'adultery' has occurred. Not in ways of flesh but in ways of adherence and 'comprehension'.

'Dear Sir or Madam',

I am writing this resignation letter to inform you that I no longer desire to commit 'adultery' to the United States of America, and hereby, submit my papers to remain unadulterous. Thank you very much.

In Christ (J)esus,
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