Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan That Is Already Making The Vulture Capitalists Cry

Nov 2012
Elizabeth Warren has turned her skills in economics and finance into a plan that stops private equity firms from using their power to raid companies and rip them apart for short-term profit. Equity firms often work in a way that sees them use a leveraged buyout to gain marginal control of a company. At that point, they sell off the company’s most valuable assets, load the remaining shell up with debt, including the debt from their buyout, and … walk away. It’s a process that turns a tidy profit for those invested in the equity fund, along with some paper losses that look good on taxes. And it generates an absolute disaster for the workers at the companies that funds dismember.

Elizabeth Warren has a plan that is already making vulture capitalists cry

I’m starting to warm up to this woman
Feb 2019
Honestly, she is my 2nd pick. In any other election that wasn't as crucial as this one she would be top. But we need to be Trump. Joe's the man.