May 2016
Ridgeville, South Carolina, United States Of Ameri
Clandestine Terrorism Emergency


My name is Emmanuel Jovon Hampton and my social security number is: 251-83-7577 and I am reporting an international cyber terrorist attack, illegal military drone, satellite, and “rogue” cell tower activity, eavesdropping, citizens abduction/ hostage situation, hack and breach issue, technological homosexual lynching, ETC. This terrorist activity began in Nashville, Tennessee, United States Of America in 2013. Here is the address where the terrorist activity began:

1271 Antioch Pike
Nashville, Tennessee
United States Of America

I am a homosexual and this lynching and technological gay bashing is happening to me!

HELP! I have been trying to reach President Vladimir Putin about terrorism happening in the United States and I need to leave this country with Jonathan Mark Inman! EMERGENCY!

President Barack Obama does not have a social security card and is not a valid United States citizen. Can you contact NATO or anyone to help us!?!?!?! Also the United States Military are creating fake identifications for family members and whomever they want, even children! Please help!

There are "Christian" faith sleeper cell terrorists in The United States Of America using rogue cell towers and phones!!!!!!!

For more information please visit my Twitter page:

Twitter: @EjaeWild

(843) 714-5233

141 Queen Drive
Ridgeville, South Carolina
United States Of America
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