Endangering Women. Thanks California

Dec 2017
the goddamn patriarchy
California governor Jerry Brown just signed a law that takes away the basic human rights of elderly and disabled women and girls to have a safe and private place away from men to use the toilet, shower, and sleep while in long-term medical care. This is now the law of the land in the seventh-largest economy in the world. If you’ve never heard about this you could hardly be blamed, for both the “progressives” sponsoring the bill and the conservatives opposing it have almost erased women’s concerns from the picture, while media has been nearly silent.

On September 5 WoLF sent a letter to main author of the bill, California state senator Scott Wiener, urging him to slow the bill down in order to remove those sections that put women in harm’s way. The bill will allow any man who claims to have a woman “gender identity” to have instant and unquestioned access to women’s bathrooms, shower rooms, and sleeping rooms. Women and girls who repeatedly object to men in their spaces, or who repeatedly “misgender” such men can be punished with fines and even jail time. The bill’s requirements and restrictions affect not only staff but also patients in long-term care facilities for seniors, developmentally disabled kids and adults, and abused or neglected children with serious medical needs – in other words, those most vulnerable to sexual and physical abuse at the hands of violent men.

On the same day WoLF wrote to Senator Wiener to protest his assault on women’s rights, his office issued a press statement dubbing the bill the “LGBT Seniors Bill of Rights,” and characterizing the opposition as coming solely from “the Religious Right (the same folks who oppose all LGBT civil rights bills).” To be sure, the bill also punishes discrimination on the basis of a patient’s sexual orientation, HIV status, or non-conformance with sex-based stereotypes. But none of that diminishes the fact that Mr. Wiener’s bill puts elderly and disabled women and girls at higher risk of predation and abuse. His press statement only alludes to these concerns indirectly, but brushes them off as “the North Carolina ‘trans people will rape you in the bathroom’ absurd argument.” Again, this obscures the fact that it is women who are worried about being raped or otherwise violated due to reckless “gender-neutral” policies for not only bathrooms but also women’s locker rooms, women’s jails, and women’s emergency shelters for victims of domestic violence or homelessness—and we do not fear violation by some vague undefined class of “trans people,” but men, regardless of their gender feelings.

The conservative opponents of the bill at least acknowledge its effects on women and girls, but almost as an afterthought, buried among generalized anti-government, anti-progressive rhetoric as in this article published by the Federalist, and this one by Fox News. They seem primarily to be concerned that the bill will force medical staff to use “preferred pronouns,” and that it does not allow for the sort of religious exceptions that conservatives demand from what they call “The LGBTQ+ agenda.” While incursions on the free speech of nurses and doctors is a valid concern, it pales in comparative importance to the material threat now facing medically vulnerable women and girls, and this threat cannot be addressed by granting religious exemptions for a few individuals.

People across the political spectrum must wake up and start prioritizing the safety and privacy of women and girls.
Women's Liberation Front | California?s putting elderly and disabled women and girls at greater risk of abuse
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Nov 2012
This is just amazing. Reading your posts then all of a sudden out of nowhere comes this.
Dec 2016
It's pretty mindblowing that there are at least a few very loud self-proclaimed feminists who demand their own rights/but think nothing of denying rights to others just on the basis that 'they weren't born female.' If you want your rights respected, you at least have to make an effort to understand and where possible..accommodate others.

There aren't many issues where I side with liberals...but this would be one of them! Because the standard liberal position on any issues of identity would be that outsiders don't know and don't have the right to determine what's going on in the head of someone who believes they have spent their lives classed under the wrong gender category.

The last time I saw any numbers on this, it was a study which proposed that about 2% of the population are in that greyzone and do not fit neatly into either the male or female gender category. So, a sensible, tolerant society that tries at least to work for the best outcomes would try to leave it up to the individual, except where there are clear examples that including transgendered with those born female(or male...who knows!)will cause harm to others. What your shewolf group doesn't do is provide examples of trans people causing harm! They're the same as conservatives on this kind of issue(like Ted Cruz)...raising a hypothetical scenario to deny transgendered the right to use any public restroom!

I don't know why some men think they are born into the wrong body/or likewise some women also believe from an early age that they should have been boys...but it happens! And what also happens is that trans men and women are at much greater risk of violence and death than any other group in society.
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Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
Isn't it extremely ironic that someone who claims to be fighting for their rights would turn around seek to DENY equal right to a group that is even MORE persecuted than they are ???? The hypocrisy boggles the mind.

There's only been ONE case in which a transgender male assaulted a young female in a bathroom and that happened in a PRIVATE HOME and the person who committed the assault was a FRIEND OF THE FAMILY.
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Feb 2014
So what is the solution to the problem? Should all public facilities install separate bathrooms for men and women, and also for cross-gender men and cross-gender women? I am not exactly comfortable in the gym dressing room when there is a dike in there and I would like it even less if there were a cross-gender male in there. Perhaps in time, I will become less concerned?

Our sensitives are not universal.

Some 70 percent of households in India don’t have access to toilets, whether in rural areas or urban slums. Roughly 60 percent of the country’s 1.2 billion people still defecate in the open. And the consequences for women are huge.

These range from polluted water leading to women and children dying from childbirth-related infections to the risk and reality of being attacked and raped, most infamously the gang rape of two teenage girls in rural northern India two years ago.
Checking the toilet situation in China has diminished my desire to go there.


Other countries also look uninviting when looking into the toilet situation.

France has some interesting toilet options.
Dec 2006
New Haven, CT
Athena, I've done a good amount of traveling - and though the bathrooms around the world are not the same as American bathrooms, the primitive bathrooms that are exclaimed over in these kinds of stories are greatly exaggerated.

There is no place in a civilized country where bathrooms are "gross" ... now, I will admit to being somewhat put off by the facilities when I was in college, went to Guatemala and discovered the facilities were a hole in the ground.
Feb 2014
I watched a you tube about how to get along with people. It said we should mirror the other person. So, you dumb ass men, how well does this work? :lol:
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Feb 2014
Athena, I've done a good amount of traveling - and though the bathrooms around the world are not the same as American bathrooms, the primitive bathrooms that are exclaimed over in these kinds of stories are greatly exaggerated.

There is no place in a civilized country where bathrooms are "gross" ... now, I will admit to being somewhat put off by the facilities when I was in college, went to Guatemala and discovered the facilities were a hole in the ground.
Well, I am not sure what you have under your kelt, but I think you have an advantage I don't have?

Once I injured my knee and someone had to take me to a hospital in a larger town. Along the way, I had to pee. It was the middle of the night and we were on a long country road, so I attempted the best swat I could, and the pee ran down my leg into my shoe. Boy, oh boy did the nurses in the hospital give me dirty looks when I entered in the middle of the night with no panties and no shoes. :grin:

Now it just old age that makes swatting very difficult. I don't even like the low toilets, but always look for the handicapped one that is often much higher and has bars to hold onto.

And now that we are thinking on the subject of toilets. :grin: If people don't see the humor in this subject, we are in trouble. None of us seem to have a problem lining up to use a buck (outside toilet without plumbing). There can be a row of bucks and it doesn't matter what order of males or females use them. I think our problem is more likely to arise when the toilets are inside a large room. The "privacy" of a public restroom can be perceived as a danger.