Environmental Parasites Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
Rick Perry and Scott Pruitt tag-teaming EPA hustlers had to have the entire parasite class wondering where their next meal was coming from.
This is where their next meal(s) will come from:

Many corporations provide funding to environmental groups and the level of funding has been growing. As Steve Goreham says, “We’re talking big dollars here. Corporate funding of environmental groups amounts to hundreds of million of dollars per year.
Questionable Funding For Environmental Groups And What They Do With It
By Jack Dini
August 9, 2018

Dec 2012
HUH? Clever "BOOTS"??

But hey--go ahead. Underestimate me. That will be fun. B)
Now your overestimating yourself. Speaking in Warren's defense, the further down the line the generations go, the more likely it is that a genetic line will not show up. A bona fide Native American ancestor could well be absent from Warren’s results.
May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
In addition to Hollywood parasites looking out for climate change parasites they protect the best interests of the United Nations. Make no mistake about this. The EPA has always been a de facto U.N. agency with unlimited authority in areas no other federal bureaucracy dare go.

The Environmental Movement has been a cash cow for the New World Order crowd:
One top U.N. parasite confirmed what I have been saying for decades. Note that Patricia Espinosa trots out the scare tactic but never mentions the billions of tax dollars environmental parasites get every year in order to pay for the U.N.’s one government world agenda:

Official claims U.N. regs 'changing the weather'​
Posted By -NO AUTHOR- On 09/13/2018 @ 7:56 pm​
Also note that Espinosa is a U.N. official telling member states they should be debating another lie the U.N. is promoting:

Four years ago U.S. Senator Mike Lee pointed out that the United Nations was designed to be a debating society not a global government:​

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