Even RBG likes Kavanaugh

Apr 2016
You get the MAN OF THE DAY AWARD, Nwolfe could not find anything to contradict your truth, So instead of affirming it, he took the Snowflake path, and threw a remark to demean with you stated.

This is Good, Kavanaugh has found women of Character and Qualifications, instead of appointed women,, he has based his action on the MLK standard he chose his staff based on the Character of the person, and qualifications.
I suspect the reason Kavanaugh wants pretty young women around isn't the same as RBG wanting intelligent young female law clerks at the SCOTUS.

Maybe he's planning a kegger? With a side of date rape?
May 2019
Wow, even when we find out all those accusations were false you STILL want to slander a good Justice's name.

You have him confused with Anthony Wiener the Democrat Congressman pedophile , that Hillary allowed to have access to classified emails AFTER HE WAS OUSTED FROM CONGRESS for his sexual advances to a minor.
We never found out those accusations were false, stupid girl.
Sep 2015
Brown Township, Ohio
I have argued with Wolfe about an atom bomb. Wolfe does not know the difference between area and circumference. I suspect that Wolfe is an Ivy School college professor.

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