Fact Check: Trump's State Of The Union Address

Nov 2018
Rocky Mountains
You can not talk to the Socialist about spending. All they know is, tax tax baby, print more print more print more. That is it. They have no concept of fiscal responsibility.
Do you even know the definition of "socialism"? And, what do you plan to do about all the socialist institutions that exist already in the US?
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Jun 2013
Is your post a joke? Where are the words "wages" "declining" in my statement? Do you REALLY not see the difference?

Our living expenses are rising: the cost of housing, health insurance, food, etc----RISING. They have risen. Wages are stagnant.
Is that so difficult to process?
I'm sorry you don't understand what real wages mean. The fact that real wages and real median household incomes are rising means that the cost of our expenses are rising slower than our incomes are rising, which is the opposite of what you claim.