Fact checking Ocasio-Cortez

Nov 2013
So Alexendria is her first name and thank God not Athena, The Goddess of WIsdom.
Well, if we're going to Athena, then it's safer to thank the gods, really. But Alexandria's relatively young, & of PR descent on both sides of her family tree. PR in general doesn't seem to be extremely religious, @ least not the Roman Catholics I met among them - but I'll grant it was a smallish sample.
Jun 2012
She deserves what she gets because she is perfect meme generator. She is ignorant, a commie, and uneducated; she is a poster child for never confusing an education with a degree.
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Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
What the hell are you talking about?

We GOT a lying political mouthpiece by the name of Trump.
As opposed to.... the murders who held that position before him? Both bushes and Obama are war criminals and clintons connections to bush sr implies that he was complicit in the creation of the cocaine "epidemic" so he should probably be next to them in a cage.

But go ahead feigning outrage w/ trump.