False Accusations

Jan 2019
In my neighborhood I'm the only black man that owns a house in the entire area and a bunch of people around the block keep accusing me of being a crack head and shouting sloagans at me. I have two certificates one at Sait, for CCNA exploration and ICND1 at personvue. They called me a head now they're just scare I will retaliate so they are threatening me any suggestions?
Dec 2018
Throw a housewarming party, invite your friends, and your neighbors. Make sure you invite the ones from around the corner.

It's one thing to tell someone they're wrong. It's another thing to show them
Apr 2013
La La Land North
I lived in Calgary for years and since about 1990 haven't seen any open bigotry other than in a few old white men but although they don't like it, they are basically harmless.

What area are you living in?

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