Family sues tsa for beating their deaf, blind and brain damaged teen daughter bloody

Dec 2013
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It seems people aren’t just suing the TSA for missing their flights these days.
An 18-year-old partially deaf girl, blind in one eye and with limited ability to walk and talk, spent 17 years of her life travelling between Chattanooga and Memphis for treatment of her brain tumor at a children’s hospital. Her last experience returning home from treatment via the Memphis Airport, however, left her beaten, blooded, and locked up in a Shelby County jail like the potential terrorist the TSA thinks she is.
Via Reason:
When Hannah went through the metal detector at the airport, an alarm went off. Disoriented by the noise, she did not immediately cooperate with TSA agents who asked to conduct further screening.
Shirley Cohen tried to inform the agents about her daughter’s disabilities, she told television station WREG, but airport police kept her away. That’s when the situation between Hannah and the TSA officials became violent:
“She’s trying to get away from them but in the next instant, one of them had her down on the ground and hit her head on the floor. There was blood everywhere,” said [Shirley].
The family is suing for a “reasonable sum not exceeding $100,000 and costs.” Reason reports that when asked about it, (an apparently heartless) TSA spokeswoman responded with, “passengers can call ahead of time to learn more about the screening process for their particular needs or medical situation.”
Oh really? Can they call ahead to learn more about how TSA agents have little to no discernment whatsoever between a suspected terrorist and a scared teen with mental and physical disabilities? Can a traveler call to find out just what kind of abuse they are most likely to receive from TSA thugs if they are already unfortunate enough to suffer from a “medical situation” when they are going to fly on a plane?

Family Sues TSA for Beating Their Deaf, Blind and Brain Damaged Teen Daughter Bloody at Airport | The Daily Sheeple
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From the suit:

10. The Plaintiff, Hannah Cohen, is an individual who has a physical and mental impairment that substantially limit one or more of her life activities and has a record of such impairment. She had this physical and mental impairment on June 30, 2016 and before.

11. More particularly, the Plaintiff, Hannah Cohen, has damage from radiation and removal of a brain tumor that substantially limits her ability to speak, walk, stand, see, hear, care for herself, learn and work, think, concentrate, and interact with others.

12. This substantial limitation on her life activity by the radiation and removal of the brain tumor causes her to be significantly limited in the ability the life activities listed above compared to the manner, duration, and conditions which individuals are able to perform these activities. This substantial limitation is obvious on sight and was obvious on June 30, 2016.


16. The Plaintiff, Shirley Cohen, repeatedly tried to tell the personnel manning the security checkpoint of her daughter's brain tumor and disabilities. However, the personnel at the security checkpoint refused to listen to the Plaintiff, Shirley Cohen, concerning her daughter's disability. They proceeded to assault the Plaintiff, Hannah Cohen, at the checkpoint, causing her physical and emotional injury as well as emotional injury to the Plaintiff, Shirley Cohen as she witnessed the assault on her daughter.

Shirley Cohen snapped a photograph of her daughter on the ground before she says she was pushed away by security. Hannah Cohen was arraigned on "various charges," which were later dropped in their entirety:

The next morning – now two days without their belongings, which had made the flight home – the pair appeared before a local judge, who asked the accused to explain herself.

When Hannah responded, the judge said: “You’re going to have to speak up.”

That’s when Hannah looked up and her hair fell back from her face, revealing her unseeing eye, surrounded by cuts and contusions.

“The judge’s eyes got big and round,” Shirley said.

After inquiring if the pair were from Memphis, the judge recommended they get legal representation.​

Family Sues After Disabled Teen Beaten Bloody at Memphis Airport :
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Aug 2013
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Daily Sheeple? Snopes?

Guaranteed FRONT PAGE NEWS... if she had happened to be a ethnic minority.
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