Fascists of the third millennium "are in Portugal.

Mar 2017
Matosinhos Portugal
Fascists of the third millennium "are in Portugal.
The authorities - SIS and PJ - are alert and watch these new organizations still with little expression. In the last three years, five neo-Nazi identity movements were highlighted, some attracted historical skinheads.

There are 14 keywords decorated by the militants: "We must ensure the existence of our people and a future for white children," an expression inspired by Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf. When they join, they repeat syllables and syllables. It is the essence of the new groups called "identitários" that have grown up all over Europe and that also look for space in our country. They are the "fascists of the third millennium," classifies José Pedro Zúquete, a researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences, who is going to launch a US book on the subject in October. "They reject the progressive left and liberal right and, inspired by the Italians Casapound, claim the legacy of fascism for the new millennium," he explains.

It is also about the expansion of this phenomenon in Portugal that warns the Information and Security Service (SIS) in the last Internal Security Report, and the current national director of the Judicial Police, Luís Neves, has taken on the fight against "emergent and criminal extreme right ". With the "criminal" faction of these extremists almost paralyzed in recent years with the investigations and arrests of the Judiciary - highlighting the followers and deserters skinheads of Mário Machado - remain the "emerging." "They are always at-risk groups, with special attention, but freedom of expression is a right." The crime is only when they realize their racist and xenophobic discourses or there are direct appeals to violence. for the extreme right as for the extreme left, "explains a police source accompanying these movements.

The border is thin and fragile as porcelain, because, as the DN can confirm in open sources on the internet, are identified in the sphere of influence of these new organizations, some historical shaving heads, as is the case of two of those convicted of murder of Alcindo Monteiro in the Bairro Alto, in 1995.

In the last three years, five new organizations have appeared or resurfaced in the authorities' radars: Misanthropic Division - Portugal; Portuguese First; Trebaruna (this one is replicated in another, to Lisbon Nossa); Identity Shield and the National Socialist Movement.

"The most worrying thing is that there is a new profile in its members, with the potential to attract more people, especially young people in secondary schools and universities, through social networks. university students, graduates with a capacity for rhetoric capable of great influence in certain socio-economic contexts, "explains another police source.

A proper way of life

They have public and regular activity in social networks. More active are the militants of the Identity Shield and the Portuguese First. Less than a month ago, Russian and Italian neo-Nazis were brought to Portugal - one of them Gianluca Iannone, the president of Casapound, an admittedly fascist party that ran for the last Italian elections. The announced Patriotic Concert, the second in a year, was intended to be a test of strength and a demonstration of growth in national territory. Fortunately, the authorities registered, fell far short of expectations, with poor adherence and some financial losses for the organization that had bet strong on the participation of foreigners.

The program was prepared to fill the "three axes" of the identity movements: a conference (here the Russian and Italian neo-Nazis participated) for indoctrination; a "gala" of struggle (in this case a Spanish against a Portuguese) to emphasize the importance of physical preparation for these "soldiers" of the new generation; and the moment of fraternization, with a concert (held in a nightclub in Alcântara) with the participation of two Italian bands, Zetazeroalfa - ZZA (whose vocalist is Iannone) and rapper Bronson.

"Combat sports (boxing, martial arts, etc.) are part of their cultural struggle: they are at the antipodes of a bourgeois society," soft ", effeminate, that neutralizes the conflict, which has a horror of violence," says Zúquete. Concerts, such as those of ZZA, he adds, "are often the scene of dances that are experienced as" fights "among the participants. The goal is always the same: the creation of a spirit of body, of camaraderie - and through struggle , sweat, violence - the attainment of a more vital, more tragic way of life, closer to life as it is in its essence, rather than the disaggregated, atomized and devitalized life they see in contemporary societies. , to fight against the dominant ideas, to attract young people, to teach them to "live" a different life: this is the goal of casapoundismo, the new version of the radical right for the 21st century. In his opinion, "this new tendency - and its expansion, although very incipient in the Portuguese case (surely a little more than one hundred activists) - is something more relevant from the point of view of the radical right and antissmica, than the ruts between bikers or the supposed "neonazi infiltration" in soccer cheerleaders ".

Young, hipsters and educated

When he spoke to DN, Filipe Pathé Duarte, a specialist in terrorism and homeland security, was in Oxford, coincidentally in a seminar on anti-Semitism and violent extremism. The preoccupation with the growth of the extreme right - whether in populist parties, or in the form of radical right-wing organizations with criminal activity, or with identity groups, is transversal. "They claim that the" indigenous "Europeans are being replaced by Muslims and migrants.It is a new extreme right-wing young man, hipster and educated, who seek to stand out from the "failures" of the past. They are growing exponentially and are quite active in social networks. "

It is common ground between the three forms of affirmation: "They are fed by the same anti-establishment rage that is benefiting populist parties across Europe. They also take advantage of the public concern of the jihadist threat, the migratory crisis and the apparent failure of policies They are involved in social hyperconservation and ethno-national identity / white supremacy. They have in common fascist, Nazi, and anti-Semitic ideas and symbols, as well as disdain for democracy. " In Portugal, he confirms, "there is a desire to expand".

Riccardo Marchi, an ISCTE researcher and one of the extreme right-wing experts, sees no demonstration that he is in an "emerging and criminal" evolution, distinguishing "subcultures of motards and skinheads" - quite fragile by the judicial operations they have been targeting - "These groups have so far not carried out acts of violence although some initiatives have been quite radical for Portuguese standards

( SIS) means secret police( PJ )means judicial police

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It's getting ugly, do not tell me that after I'm old I have to take the gun and fight the new fascism.

Facism in Portugal no more

Está a ficar feio,não me digam que eu depois de velho tenho que pegar na arma e combater o novo facismo.

Facismo em Portugal nunca mais.

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Mau Mau Maria isto está a ficar feio como o CARALHO