Feds use fake university to capture those who overstay their visas.

Jun 2018
South Dakota
Did anybody notice that this is an Obama era program? Started up in Feb 2017 it must have been cooked up back in the mid 2nd term of the BarryO admin. I remember that it and other scams were used to rake in felons with outstanding warrants at the local level. I'm waiting for the illegals advocates to come screaming whatever they can in opposition to it.
Apr 2014
By offering fake educational opportunities to illegals they ferret out some of those who have overstayed their F-1 visas. This is something that the left has been making as issue of stating that there is no effort to catch them.
Feds used fake metro Detroit university to identify nonimmigrant aliens
Good plan. This is exactly the types of actions we need to stop illegal immigrtaion. A wall wouldn't have stopped these people since they were already here.

Additionally, we need stronger and well enforced laws against hiring illegals or harboring them (giving/renting them a place to live). Throw a few employers and renters in jail for a few months and soon illegals will be deprived of jobs and places to live. Let them self-deport by turning themselves in for a free bus ticket out of the country.
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