Fifty years after Stonewall, New York police apologize for the raid

Nov 2005
Fifty years after the historic Stonewall riots, the New York Police Department apologized to the LGBT community for its role in the violence.
"The actions taken by the NYPD [at Stonewall] were wrong, plain and simple," police commissioner James O'Neill said Thursday during a Pride Month safety briefing.
Watch as @NYPDONeill makes a statement today about the events at the Stonewall Inn, 50 years ago. #Stonewall50 #WorldPride2019 #Pride2019
— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) June 6, 2019
He called the frequent harassment of LGBT men and women and laws that prohibited same-sex sexual relations "discriminatory and oppressive" and apologized on behalf of the department to the audience's applause.
The June 1969 uprising that began at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village is largely considered to have spurred the gay rights movement, after police raided the gay bar and patrons resisted arrest, sparking a six-day protest.
NYPD apologizes for the Stonewall raid, 50 years later - CNN

Well, that's a pleasant surprise!
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I guess it's a nice gesture and all but really I often wonder about things like this. The US apologising for interring the Japanese in WWII, the Canadian government apologising to the indigenous population for the residential school abuses and so on. It strikes me that since almost no one is still alive or at least in power and it isn't the old farts who actually did those things making the apologies, does it really mean anything. Equally well, I am not in any of the populations that were wronged.

Does it help those who were affected and their descendents?
Nov 2012
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The NY Police chose to Remember history so they will be less likely to repeat the mistake.... ... ...