Five Police Dead in Dallas


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Feb 2007
New York
I pray for the families of the five, and the healing of the wounded.

I fear that we are starting to self-destruct as a nation.
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Dec 2015
This is a very bad sign, the Iraqification of the US may have begun, and it ain't on account of no stinkin' Muslimes, neither.

I hope that every American realizes that we are NOW in a vicious, deadly cycle of retribution. This should come as NO surprise. Most of us have been waiting and now the worst has become reality.
White officers shoot black men. Black men shoot white officers....and we have an endless loop. The loop focuses on ONE thing: BLAME.
We see it here on DTT. The line has been drawn and we have those who take sides and are unwilling to see the other side....unwilling to focus on solutions. Both sides will be condemned. Both sides will retaliate. WE will hear childish chants: You started it. NO, YOU started it.
This is a NO-WIN situation that has only one tragic ending. I promise. There will be more killing.
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