Florence’s Rains: Coal Ash Landfill Collapses In North Carolina

Oct 2010
Ain't coal and capitalism wonderful and regulayshuns just horrible?

Just leave business alone and they'll take care of themselves.


Florence’s Rains: Coal Ash Landfill Collapses In North Carolina
Duke Energy said Saturday night that heavy rains from Florence caused a slope to collapse at a coal ash landfill at a closed power station near the North Carolina coast.​
Duke spokeswoman Paige Sheehan said about 2,000 cubic yards (1,530 cubic meters) of ash were displaced at the L. V. Sutton Power Station outside Wilmington and that contaminated runoff likely flowed into the plant’s cooling pond....​
The coal-fired Sutton plant was retired in 2013 and the company has been excavating millions of tons of ash from old waste pits and removing it to safer lined landfills constructed on the property. The gray ash left behind when coal is burned contains toxic heavy metals, including arsenic, lead and mercury.​
Duke has been under intense scrutiny for the handling of its coal ash since a drainage pipe collapsed under a waste pit at an old plant in Eden in 2014, triggering a massive spill that coated 70 miles (110 kilometers) of the Dan River in gray sludge.​
In a subsequent settlement with federal regulators, Duke agreed to plead guilty to nine Clean Water Act violations and pay $102 million in fines and restitution for illegally discharging pollution from coal-ash dumps at five North Carolina power plants. The company is in the process of closing all of its coal ash dumps by 2029....​
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Nov 2013
Yah, I don't know if Duke also carries out mountaintop removal mining. They simply blast off the overburden, exposing the coal seam, & then extract the coal. The overburden is typically bulldozed off into the streams that originate on what used to be a mountaintop - killing the streams, any fish & other wildlife that used to live there, & BTW poisoning the downstream users - & more if the streams percolate down into the water table &/or private or municipal wells. The costs to repair the resulting ecological & contamination & heavy metal poisoning (there is no guaranteed safe dose, & all doses are cumulative) disasters are astronomical. & therefore, the coal mining industry as a whole does precisely nothing to fix the problems they've caused.

But they do extract the coal, & the profits flow to the shareholders. Socialized slow suicide for thee & the entire water network fed by those streams, privatized bonanzas for the owners. Just as the rich are also forbidden to sleep under bridges, & so everything is just fine & dandy in this best of all possible worlds.

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