Flynn's sentencing memo reveals nothing new.

Jul 2014
So the memo says Flynn has been so helpful, we don't think he should go to prison.
It says he offered "substantial help".

It doesn't say what that help was.
Just that it was "substantial".

While you guys jump up and down and high five, you have no idea what "substantial help" consisted of...
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Jan 2014
None of us knows what Mueller knows or does not know.
But, when adding up the FACTS that are public, any reasonably thinking person can conclude that Mueller has substantial evidence of wrong doing connected to the Trump administration. To conclude otherwise is choosing to be ignorant.
Jul 2008
Virginia Beach, VA
It reveals that whatever Flynn has told Mueller that Mueller feels it is important enough to reduce any prison time to zero. Mueller is not going to do that unless he thinks (or better yet, KNOWS) that the information is going to pay off.

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