For Republicans killing unions is more important than improving education

Jun 2014
United States
For Republicans killing unions is more important than improving education | Dale Hansen

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Despite being generally uninformed on the topic, Campbell Brown, is one of the few people asking presidential candidates to define their positions. To no one's surprise, when the six leading Republican candidates were put on the spot they all coalesced around the same tired "solutions" the Republican Party has been pushing for decades - more charter schools, vouchers, merit pay, ending tenure and killing unions.

But perhaps the biggest reason these candidates have been so hesitant to make education reform the core of their candidacy is that they are aware that each of these ideas has been a failure when put into practice.

For example, Chris Christie recently said that teachers unions "are the single most destructive force in public education in America". The reality is, the issue here is not that teachers unions are bad for education but rather that teachers' unions are bad for Republican education reform ideas. So instead of falsely claiming data exists to support their errant positions, Republicans have resorted to attacking the unions that stand in the way of the Republican plan to turn America's children into widgets that their corporate sugar daddies can profit from. For Republicans, education represents the next great opportunity to bilk the federal government out of billions of dollars while pretending to have American's best interests in mind, much like they have done for decades with the military industrial complex that has the U.S. spending more on defense than the next ten countries combined.

If these politicians were being honest they would acknowledge that multiple studies show teachers' unions have a positive impact on educational outcomes, while another study showed that in areas where union membership was greater, children in low income families were more likely to achieve higher incomes. Since when did increasing test scores and lifting kids out of poverty become destructive?

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In understanding this further, the republicans have supported the TPP trade deal which is sure to drop wages for ALL Americans and reduce the amount of assistance, ESPECIALLY in disability, including veteran disability, so that more can be given to foreign corporations wanting a new slave market and hazardous waste dumping ground in the US.

Kill wages, make stupid workers, and take the money in bribes the foreign countries give you for doing it.