For those who fear autonomous vehicles -


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Apr 2013
La La Land North
You might want to think about this statistic.

Some 624,000 people have been killed on U.S. roads since 2000, far more than the 535,000 who died in the two world wars, reports the Washington Post's Ashley Halsey.
  • A third of the driving deaths involved speeding, drunk and distracted driving.When driverless car advocates argue that the future technology will be safer than current vehicles, this is the statistic they are talking about.
More than the two world wars.

From the Axios Future newsletter, but link to the WaPo story embedded.
Dec 2018
The problem is the margin of error is so small. From what I’ve read amazon is about 90% of the way there for complete self driving cars. But if only 90% of the cars on the road worked properly we’d be in a world of hurt. We gotta get 99.999% of the way there before even considering.