For Trump So Loved the Vets He's Cutting Their Access to VA Hospitals

Feb 2020
dfw, texas
how can anyone who heard trump diss all prisoners of war by saying he doesn't consider POWs heroes, he prefers his heroes were never captured, and his comments about some Gold Star parents and family, believe this bone spur coward gives a shit about soldiers? he doesn't even respect the findings of military courts who found a few soldiers guilty of murder and war crimes...and he believed Putin's bullshit about not helping trump in 2016 instead of our own military-intelligence experts who all agreed of course they did....

is there anything this lying conman can do or say that can somehow cause even a few of his hard-core cult-like followers from finally coming to their senses about what a waste of human skin this bitch is?

so now, he is allowing or perhaps demanding his picks in charge of veteran affairs to limit or cut benefits for non-active soldiers and/or their families....while cutting taxes for the very rich and huge profitable does that make sense? from

Military families and retirees receiving care through 38 military hospitals nationwide will soon be forced to go off-base instead, and some pharmacies at those hospitals will stop providing drugs to those not on active duty, has learned.

But to do so, the hospitals must cull the number of family members and retirees to whom they currently offer care. The report to Congress detailed in the memo lays out the Pentagon's path for those changes.

"DoD must adapt the military health system to focus more on readiness of the combined force, while continuing to meet our access to health care obligations for active duty families, retirees and their families," the Feb. 3 memo states. "With a challenging array of threats around the world, we need our military medical facilities to keep combat forces healthy and prepare our medical personnel to support them."

At 38 of those 50 MTFs, "DoD recommends reducing the scope of operations to active duty and occupational health services only, while in many cases maintaining pharmacy services for all beneficiaries," it states. "It is estimated that approximately 200,000 Military Health System beneficiaries who receive care at the MTFs identified for reduction in operations will transition to civilian providers" in the Tricare network.

here is trump as the reductions are announced-

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