FOX News: Ready and Waiting for those Armed Women and Children

Mar 2010
north east usa
I kinda' feel sorry for that guy. You know he's cringing inside from being made to look like a world-class wuss.
lets all build a wall north and south to insult the dignity of those behind it hey I got it.. lets all insult kim. and make him press the button first
whst I dam mess a president that thinks like I kid we cant afford to eat no one needs a reason no one believes anytjing or in them selves
no more the red white and blue is red now have youu noticed..... all trump has been doing from day one to now is pissing off countrys
insulting them and intimadateing them world war 3 wont be a global war the usa and and all its friends will get nuked. the
good part is all the bull s--- will be over soon

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