Free healthcare for illegals? Yes or no?

Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
How about we discuss the health needs of illegals AFTER we put a few CEO's and large business owner in prison ??

Of course that would include none other the Donald J (fir Jeeenyus) Trump. Only took him 13 years to figure out illegals were serving him dinner and making his beds. Of course this isn't the first time he's used illegal labor. I hope the current crop of former employees makes out as good as the last group. His attempt to screw them over BECAUSE they were illegal cost him millions.

But none of the Trumpeteers wanna talk about this do they ??
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May 2018
If you are in any other civilized first world country and got injured, you would receive healthcare according to their system, whether you are there legally or not. Your article does not say what you claim.
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Dec 2015
OF ALL THE arguments put forth against everything from the ACA to social safety net programs, the "I don't want to pay for X" argument from the right has to be the most *asinine.
*Asinine: extremely stupid or foolish
Newsflash to the right: I don't want to pay for a lot of things either, starting with Exxon subsidies, Bush's wars and the millions we paid to sociopaths to come up with torture techniques for the CIA. Who the hell gave you a monopoly on morality when it comes to spending public dollars? Do you think you're the only ones who object to where our tax dollars go? Because if we only have to pay for the things of which we approve, I've got a long veto list.

We the people have always *ALWAYS* paid for someone else--whether they were/are citizens or not. We pay for roads, highways, libraries, and public education. Living in a civilized society means we all share in the cost and responsibility. Living in a civilized society also means we all pay for things we find morally objectionable – conservatives and liberals alike.

This absurd and childish notion--WE DON'T WANNA thingy---has got to go. We live in a FIRST WORLD country---not some backwater, ignorant place in the sun.....well, except for Alabama. And Georgia. And Mississippi. Never mind.
Nov 2012
The NHS allows it for Americans mostly - because the doctors are to busy to play bureaucrats for a few bob and the tory manifesto.
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Nov 2012
Lebanon, TN
Read yolur own linked article. It says NOTHING about FREE government healthcare. It says they should be allowed to BUY into it.
Why do you lie in your thread title?

Medicare for all including illegals, you see I have paid into medicare for 53 years, THEY HAVE NOT PAID ONE PENNY into medicare. Free healthcare.