From thhe worst to the worst

Mar 2020
Land of Freedom
Lincoln - Treasonous president who waged war on his own people.

Woodrow Wilson - Ratification of the 16th Amendment, which gave Congress the power to tax incomes without apportionment. Allowed the Federal Reserve to be created.

FDR - Put us in a foreign war we never should have been in. Stole our dignity and pride with the creation of Welfare, Social Security and other government handout programs. Confiscated our property (gold) and then sold it back to us for nearly double price.

LBJ - Got us into the Vietnam conflict in order to get Bell Helicopter shares and killed 100,000 of us and over a million Vietnamese. Signed the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, allowing the worst of the world to come in and call it their "melting pot".

Bush father - Illegally invading and bombing the Middle East for oil and causing fake recession.

Bush son - False flag attack on our people as a scare tactic to enact the illegal Patriot Act. Just the beginning of the New World Order.

Barry Soetoro - Too much to list... the most morally bankrupt president of all time. Degeneracy prevails.