Geohot could be the future of self driving cars.

Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
All of this talk around here about self driving cars check out geohots take on it. His open source take may be the key. Those of you who don't know who geohot is he was the first to jailbreak both the iphone and the PlayStation so any of you who ran a jailbroken iphone before android cought up had him to thank for it.
Feb 2014
I really like the way this guy thinks. You buy something it is yours and you can what you want with it. His efforts to develop a system that makes a car safer and easier to drive should be applauded.

I would like to see his thinking move into other industries like medicine, agriculture (Monsanto), and computers, giving control back to individuals, and taking it away from industries that have excessive control of their product.