Georgia’s Kemp Purged 340,134 Voters, Falsely Asserting They Had Moved

Nov 2005
Last year, Brian Kemp, Georgia’s secretary of state canceled the registrations of over half a million Georgians because they left the state or moved to another county. Except they didn’t. The nation’s top experts in address location reviewed Kemp’s list of purged voters — and returned the names and addresses of 340,134 who never moved at all.

John Lenser, CEO of CohereOne of San Rafael, California, led the team analyzing the purge list. He concluded, “340,000 of those voters remained at their original address. They should have never been removed from the voter registration rolls.”

This is the story of the mass exodus from Georgia that never happened, and the mass purge of voters by Kemp, GOP candidate for governor, through methods guaranteed to disproportionately take away the vote from the young, the poor and voters of color.

It began five years ago, when Kemp stonewalled my first requests for information on purges in Georgia, first for Al Jazeera and Rolling Stone,now for Truthout and Democracy Now! It took my lawyer’s threat of a federal lawsuit, filed last week in Atlanta federal court, to blast the list of the electorally doomed from Kemp’s hands.

The files recorded 530,510 voters as moved from “inactive to cancelled.” We could not decode about 80,000 addresses — and discovered that 19,118 of the voters had passed away.

And the rest of the voters of this supposed mass migration?

The experts ran the names through an “advanced address hygiene process,” that is, digging through dozens — up to 200 — dynamically updated databases (such as cell phone bills and tax filings), as well as limited-access files at the post office, to get the location of voters. They accomplished this with astonishing accuracy — something the state of Georgia should have done.

The result: has a list of 340,134 voters who never moved an inch. Kemp has sent them no notice — none — but they have lost their right to vote.
Georgia's Kemp Purged 340,134 Voters, Falsely Asserting They Had Moved

Republicans say they are concerned regarding voter fraud.
What about fraud resulting in voter disenfranchisement?
Unless that's really their goal in the first place.
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Apr 2013
La La Land North
Dotard is wailing about Dems perverting the vote, and this Kemp guy just ran roughshod over human decency. He resigns from the position where he disenfranchised a whole bunch of people after he had done the damage. Ass.
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Jun 2018
South Dakota
Quick, call Pelosi and have her investigate!!!!!

Get the Dems to investigate the whole rotten mess they've created by making it too easy to pack the roles with ghost voters to make it look like there are more Dems that there really are.
Nov 2005
You do understand that the rolls are purged by LOCAL election boards not by state officials
Forest for the trees here...
Q: Who set the policy?
A: Brian Kemp

For the more advanced question, consider this lawsuit...
Judge rules against Brian Kemp over Georgia voting restrictions days before gubernatorial election
Q: Why was Brian Kemp defending the voter purge if it was the "LOCAL election boards no by state officials"?
Hint: Refer to above question...

Now TNVolunteer73, your reply completely avoids the question I asked earlier.
Unless, that was the whole point...
Republicans say they are concerned regarding voter fraud.​
What about fraud resulting in voter disenfranchisement?​
Unless that's really their goal in the first place.​