Give me a break!

May 2018
It is a distraction. All one has to do is watch a good looking female walk down the street and watch the slew of traffic accidents that line the road.

As to how much of a distraction, that varies.

Are men pigs? Well...........let's just say that their sexual urges and high levels of testosterone does brain damage.
What a load of crap. Hey I know, why don't you give us the stats for traffic accidents caused by good looking female pedestrians? This should be a hoot.
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Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
From the instant you join the military you get certain rules and traditions absolutely pounded into your brain. So much so that 99,999% of soldiers can't even conceive of braking those rules and traditions. Doing so will results in swift and absolute punishment.

The issue with sexual assault is that military upper leadership hasn't made it an absolute "don't even thing about" type of indoctrination. They have been inconsistent at best about protecting our female soldiers. When they make not raping the women as much apart of their training as how to clean and care for their rifles the issue will be greatly reduced.
Feb 2019
The military should not be used as a laboratory for social PC engineering.

It's life and death. It's their lives on the line, as well as those they are defending like yourself.
It is life or death. homosexuals and women don't bring in "social PC engineering." They are attacked because of what they are. We are a country that believes in equal opportunities for all. All are created equal. We should treat them equally in the military as well.
Dec 2018
So no trans sexual peeps allowed in the future for the Military, so what; other than that what else have they done to infringe upon the rights of homosexuals?

Ellen Page Calls Out Trump And Pence Over Hate: ‘This Needs To F**king Stop!’ | HuffPost
Statements such as no trans sexual people allowed in the Military allude to the statement/idea that trans sexual people will not be allowed to be in/on the combat zones. But Military is not always about combat. So trans sexual people in office positions or mechanics positions or other non combative positions, which are very often left out of every 'non trans sexual in the Military' statement, might have Military be seen in a different, broader light. Because if Military is about 'jobs' as well as 'combat' then current civilian 'discriminatory' claims can also be made in the Military.

If The U.S doesn't mind having trans sexual persons on the combat zones and if the trans sexual persons don't mind either, then I guess it could already be happening.

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