GOP Domination

Feb 2014
Not to bad for a party that the socialist were celebrating as being dead.

Republicans control both chambers in 32 states, including 17 with veto-proof majorities. Those 32 states cover 61 percent of the U.S. population. Democrats, meanwhile, control the legislature in just 13 states, amounting to 28 percent of the country's population; only five of those chambers have veto-proof majorities.
Republicans now dominate state government, with 32 legislatures and 33 governors
Oi used daily kos as a source ter gie de socialists a 'ard on.
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Sep 2015
Enjoy it! While it lasts.

It will not last! We have organized. CPUSA has seen more applications for membership than in its entire history! Antifa has shown we can be bold! We will take it back comrade! Through ballots or physical suppression. It will not matter. We have gained strength and will destroy the GOP and Trump!
Apr 2017
It's ones with Donald Trump and Pence president about one week or four, five, six weekends if DNC challenge Donald Trump visum as president with conservative alternative the vice president Pence. :angry: