GOP's 1st Openly Lifelong Bachelor Lindsey Graham Cries About Nurses Getting $24 An Hour

Feb 2020
dfw, texas
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) complained that nurses and others would get too much money in unemployment from the Senate coronavirus bill.

A group of Republican senators are objecting to the formula being used to determine unemployment payouts.

Unemployment is expected to have a massive spike as the economy is slammed by the coronavirus.

Graham reportedly became so vexed, he clutched his pearls and stamped his feet and called for a cool drink to soothe his vapors.

Does he not get nurses and technicians and doctors and medical staff in general are putting their lives on the line everyday they treat infectious patients, especially without enough protective gear in some cases? they are like soldiers in a war, and this clueless jackass cries about them getting $24 an hour? Especially when you consider this cold-blooded trump ass kisser gets $174 grand a year as a Senator and the Senate was only in session for 191 days in 2018, out of a possible 260....not too shabby, if each day is 8 hours, then Lindsey gets about $114 an hour......

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Dec 2018
Sep 2019
Louisville, Ky
Perhaps you'd like to point out the states where nurses are paid so little that they would make more than their salary on unemployment?
Perhaps you would like to work around people with this deadly virus and hope for the best?
Jun 2018
South Dakota
Yeah, the nurses are in highest demand ever and should be paid more.
I agree. My family has 5 or 6 (I lost count) RNs and a RNNAs. Believe me in view of their successes and tireless devotion to their profession I will jump into anyones case who tries to denegrate them.
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