Group of New York Lawmakers Calls for Legalization of Prostitution

Nov 2005
Not really. The modern feminists are making hiring women unappealing.
You make so many bizarre claims which are easily repudiated by a casual look at reality. It would really help you if you would stop and look at reality once in a while...

Unemployment rate of women in the U.S. 1990-2018 | Timeline
The metoo movement started in 2017. Yet the women's unemployment rate is unphased, despite your nonsensical fear-mongering.

We are going to witness a replay of tge depression area when many men removed themselves from the dating pool. This is why pool halls gained such a bad rap. Hook-up culture is going to backfire leaving a lot of millennial women as spinsters.
Legalize hookers and what will they have to bring to the table? Possible rape allegations? Divorces?
While there are some people repeating such fear-mongering tactics, the reality is that the vast majority of men experience no rape accusations because they are not rapists.
Those who try to push such fear-mongering tactics (like yourself) are essentially setting up a smoke screen to help create a b.s. excuse for why women who are being raped should not say anything.

There is an excellent lecture on the economics of sex.
Women especially modern-day feminists use sex as a power play over men.
Women are probably just not that into you... Some people unconsciously use their personality (or what passes for it) as their de facto birth control...

Possibly if you sought to improve yourself, you would have better luck?

If that is removed from the equation and sex is legally and cleanly purchased at the local Starbucks that play is eliminated. Killing feminazis power over men.
Quite frankly people like you who talk about marriage / relationships like sex is the end-all / be-all goal are profoundly disturbing and demonstrate your own issues rather than comment on society.
While I'm sure some people with an XY chromosome will be better off if they can get a legal hooker, that's not the situation for men who aren't so delusional and who don't try to paint women (or "modern feminists") as vile / repulsive creatures.
Nov 2005
Getting back to the actual topic...

A few years ago, researchers at UCLA and Baylor University made a stunning find: When the Rhode Island legislature inadvertently decriminalized indoor prostitution for a number of years, that state saw a 31 percent decline in reported rapes and a similar decline in cases of gonorrhea.
Now comes a new Dutch study that finds much the same causal relationship between decriminalizing prostitution and reducing crime. Researchers at a public research institute in the Netherlands discovered that when major cities in that country opened tippelzones, or areas where street prostitutes could work legally, reports of rape and sexual abuse declined by as much as 30 to 40 percent in the first two years after the zones were opened. In cities that licensed the prostitutes permitted to work in these tippelzones, rapes and sexual abuse dropped by as much as 40 percent, while the reductions in sexual violence were slightly lower in zones that did not enforce the licensing of sex workers.
Legal prostitution zones reduce incidents of rape and sexual abuse

There would be some various advantages to legalized prostitution.

Beyond arbitrary claims to "morality", what would be a reason to keep prostitution illegal?
From a "capitalist" stand-point, shouldn't people be able to sell their bodies if the market has an interest in it?
Mar 2019
Prostitution in the United States - Wikipedia

Prostitution is illegal in the vast majority of the United States as a result of state laws rather than federal laws. It is, however, legal in some rural counties within the state of Nevada. Prostitutionnevertheless occurs throughout the country.
Types of prostitution · ‎Street prostitution · ‎Escort or out-call ... · ‎Brothel prostitution

I think the biggest issue are the pimps. It would be good if such was legalized so that new groups of legal pimps are not formed but just as we see with other things such becomes property of the mob. Weather the mob be criminals or the state. Dealing with that issue would go far in ensuring a better market system for sex.

I can see a future where a guy like trump rules the legal sex workers if steps are not taken to give more power to workers.
May 2019
Feminists are sort of split on prostitution. Some demand sex workers rights, while others denounce it as shameful.
Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
it already has

i see no correlation however between prostitution and this.

Why would someone looking for a casual "relationship" ever waste time w/ a spinster if prostitution is legal and safe?