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Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
Deadlocked jury. Status hearing on July 2 to see if the government will seek a second trial. He gave people already over the border, in an area where nearly 90 people have died, a little food and water.

I wonder how hard Trump's agents would have tackled and handcuffed Jesus for giving that damned diseased leaper a little water ?? If Jesus exists, and if he ever shows back up, few in this country will recognize him. I suspect there will be great weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth as those who use their religion as tools of oppression and hatred suddenly find out they've been wrong all along !!

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Dec 2015
So I'm watching the press conference with Trump and Poland's President Andrzej Duda. They both make their statements and then open it up to questions from the press.
Trump looks around and here's what he says (trying to choose the journalist): "WHO DO I LIKE?? Uhhh...nobody."
Poland's prez is standing right next to him--national TV---and the president embarrasses everyone there--our entire nation and more than likely the Polish JAWS drop in astonishment.
I mean.....could this man be any more disrespectful..? Humiliating.