Guess Who?

Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
It's a description of Richard III in the Shakespeare play in Stephen Greenblatt’s book Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics.
Now, of course, LOL, I realize that this forum on contemporary politics is a strange place to bring up a description of one of the most evil Kings ever in the history of Great Britain (and they are known for their political ogres!). But when I read the description, I was truly struck by how very very much it sounded like a spot on description of the fat orange turd Dear Bleater. If I hadn't been reading about Shakespeare's work, I would have automatically assumed it was our currrent POTUS being discussed.
And be honest - even you Trumpeteers - you did, too!

Yeah, on bette midlers fb feed. Not only did you plagiarize Shakespeare but then tried to take credit for the thought exercise.