Half of Rape Allegations are False, Research Shows

Nov 2012
You're learning, Guy, but still, have a long road to travel. You're DAMN right I'm going to attack the source and to do that, I went directly to the Biblios. So here we go:
1. McDowell--1984?
2. Kanin Archives of Sexual Behavior--URL not found.
3. Conners--1996?
4. The Denver Channel--a BLOG. Sentences beginning with "I heard, I believe, I don't know" The case of Kobe Bryant.
5. FBI--June 1996 a presentation on the use of DNA....from 1996?
6. The Innocence Project--Page not found.
7. Sacks Research---Page not found.

If you want to prove your point because you will continue to POUND this drum about how men are so mistreated and so maligned, you'll need to dig deeper, my friend. Bring us some studies from 2017 or even 2016 or even 2015. Then we'll talk.
This is amazing that you said this!
You are literally going to complain about the dates of my fact based studies (not some survey or poll, actual studies from actual verified data)
At the same time uphold a 35 year old accusation as true! Funny stuff Clara, funny stuff
Nov 2012
who mentioned race? not me stop playing the race card this isnt about race, this is about men raping women, i'd ave no problem haging a man like bret kavanaugh and his pastey irish ass isnt nay shade of brown or black
Well, I am sure you would like to see that done. I doubt that you would have the fortitude required to do it yourself though. I am also sure you would like to see it done just because of his idealogy. The false rape claim just makes you feel a little more in the right. Truth be known, I am pretty sure you would wish harm on anyone who did not agree with you politically.
Watch it, Guy. You are walking a very fine line here.
Bill sands says he wants to hang people. You tell me I am walking a thin line.