Has politics replaced religion?

Nov 2012
I have something that has been burdening my heart for a long time, and I feel that this is the perfect place to share it. I was having a conversation with someone the other day, and we were discussing how all religious beliefs attempt to explain and appease the existential crises we all have; he said that we must gage our beliefs on what is good, rather than what feels good. I brought up how I feel that the issue with Western society is that it promotes short-term pleasure over long-term fulfillment. He made a very good point about how politics is a great example of this: Pleasure isn't just what we physically want, but what feeds our egos as well. People feel pleasure when their fears and hatreds are validated and justified. For evidence of this, all one needs to do is go on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where it seems that negativity and trolling is rewarded with clout and notoriety. Most contemporary movements have fed on this desire to be as negative and offensive as possible (SJWs, the alt-right, contemporary feminists, liberals, conservatives, etc.).

The Christian gospel which preached about helping your fellow man and treating people with respect, has been replaced by modern-day cults which preach hatred for -- and domination of -- the Other. Evangelism has been replaced with internet trolling and clout chasing. I would go even farther to say that most contemporary political movements are glorified cults in which everyone is expected to act and think the same -- This, imo, is because politics has replaced religion. The desire to provide meaning to one's life is inherent in every human being, and sadly many of us fill it with meaningless nonsense.

The story of Christianity begins with the rise of the Holy Roman Catholic Empire.

Who’s entire existence is based upon the premise of the “Divine right to rule others”.

From the end of the Roman Empire, through the Dark Ages of Europe, through the Era of Enlightenment, through the discovery of America, and right the into the modern era.

Politics is just a version of that which started with kings and queens, and then the parliaments and Congresses of the modern era.

The Constitution of the United States was the document that was supposed to free all men from the chains of that religious and political slavery.