Have some money in safety deposit box

May 2018
some in savings, at a bank different than where your check goes. and another where you have a credit or debit card that you use (especially on the net) When you get your check, move the money to the savings or the safe box. Put your gold and silver coins into small, thin plastic boxes and bury them. either do so at night, or do it at the cemetery, while you leave a wreath, pull up the weeds, etc. It only takes a second, done as you kneel, (hiding what's happening ) to slit the sod, insert the box, and press the sod back down. Make notes of the names of cemeteries and head stones, convert it into numerical code by use of a one time pad, using a page of a book that only you know was used. Make multiple copies of the numeric code and stash them in secure places, like some at your family's homes, a friend, a lawyer. dont risk losing all to a fire, flood, storm, avalanche. Put it on Google Drive, etc. The banks can be ordered to be closed and the money in your account and box seized. Many people will steal from your home, car, etc, but a little bit of silver or gold can be hidden in such places, in your storage, etc. Put the coins in stuffed dolls, inside an old hair dryer, etc with enough padding to immobilize them. If you are really loaded with money, have some diamonds, bought at about 10% more than pawn shops PAY for them. Run a want ad and youll get some. They can be imbedded in a slit in the callous on your heel, swallowed, sewn into the linings of your clothing, etc. So you CAN get out of a country with enough funds to start over. Rare stamps can be bought and sold at auctions. Mail the certificates of authenticity separately, and mix the rare ones with common ones. Nobody is going to bother looking thru all of them! Money can be moved by debit cards that are hidden inside things that are mailed/shipped, too.

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