Have we gone too far?

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
If you are on the left or a left liberal, what aspects of the leftist agenda are you just not comfortable with? In what ways might you say you are conservative on some issues. If you are on the right please don't leave abuse instead you may participate by replying in kind.. in what ways do you disagree with other conservatives or the right.. in what ways are you who are generally Conservative , hold some left of center or liberal views .. two things for me, I in no way am I at ease with the Islamic religion making inroads into our culture basically - because islam is illiberal reactionary anti democratic anti secular and enlightenment.. so i can be considered right wing or intolerant because of my attitude toward islam , not because i hate muslim but because i pretty much hate religion , more or less not 100% of religion , , but dogmatic religion

the other thing is this transgender rubbish i don't like the fact that people involved in this want to censor anyone with objections, thats like dogmatic marxism or such . or just plain fascistic . i accepted gay rights gay marriage and adoption over the years i came to terms with all that.. and now its all this transgender stuff its always something and i have had it this is just too weird you have gone too hard
so as you see i am not really very left liberals on many issue , i'm ambivalent about that wall and immigration i suppose i am more of a populist i support the new deal and labour rights progressive taxation

are we a label or are we individuals

do we identify as a member of some group? or as a specific unique individual with a variety of ideas?