Health officials: Condoms are not meant to be reused

Sep 2017
Trump supporters?? Just sayin'.......
That is definitely one of the least thought out gratuitous cheap shot ever in any thread that was not meant to be politically motivated.

Never-Trumpers here keep claiming that Trump's base are the evangelical religious right and then Never-Trumpers will claim those same religious right wear condoms. On top of that, Trump represents the rich and the corporations, which leads to how someone would conclude that the rich will reuse condoms when they won't wear socks and underwear twice, and why corporations that manufacture and market a disposable item will use to reuse that very item.

Put away that TDS, huddle up and agree on the play action before everyone say completely contradictory things and end up looking like idiots (AGAIN) - just like the Trump Team that you all love to rail against.
Nov 2005
You can reduce and reuse.
The article is talking about DISPOSABLE condoms.
Google "reusable condoms" and be amazed!
I did that...
Multiple emotions to varying degrees upon the result including shock, curiousity, fear, piqued interest ... :wacko:

And I validate "amazement" was included. :lol:
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