Here Are the Facts Behind President Trump's Border Claims

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
There is no emergency, however bad immigration or drug smuggling is it hasnt risen markedly in fact it is down, so how could there be a border crisis? if its status quo, the same as it has been for decades no change no crisis

However, the vast majority of heroin that crosses over from Mexico is smuggled through legal ports of entry – not in the vacant parts of the border that the wall would occupy, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) 2018 National Drug Threat Assessment.

Here Are the Facts Behind President Trump's Border Claims
Nov 2012
Lebanon, TN
It is all politics on both sides, When the dems were in power they played the wall card too.

one difference in Trump and politicians, the politicians were never going to build the wall.. Trump on the other hand meant what he said.
Oct 2010
I must have been unclear. I wasn't asking you "When does Trump lie?" Your statement above would, however, have answered that question.

You'd said, "Trump on the other hand meant what he said" about building the wall. I asked you which time did he mean what he said about building his wall, since he's said all kinds of stuff about building it, much of the stuff he's said being contradictory to other stuff he's said.

Is that more clear?
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