High School Principal Goes on Gay Witch-Hunt

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Jun 2008
garysher said:
How come you know so much about her yet you only registered on this site yesterday..............................?

What are your other trolling ID's?

Because unlike you, Gary, some people actually have friends.

I know it's sort of a foreign concept to you, but not everyone has to rely on creating other IDs in order to have people agree with them.
Mar 2007
Grace said:
She didnt lie about anything. I would believe her over anyone here.

I wouldn't believe her if she were in a court of law and under oath. She has been caught lying on these boards repeatedly. That you are incapable of discerning the truth is your problem not any of ours.
Jul 2008
tristanrobin said:
the original intent of marriage was to create a family so that a man would have lots of people to work in his fields and with his flocks - that's why men could marry as many women as he could afford to buy from their fathers. more wives = more kids = more workers

what does the original intent of marriage have to do with anything in the USA in the 21st century? the lives of middle eastern bronze age goatherds have nothing to do with us.
More mouths to feed = more work in the fields.

Less mouths to feed = less work in the fields, no?
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