Higher Education Should Be FREE!


May 2018
Higher education should be replaced with good ol' apprenticeship.
1: mass-printed books that students are not reading
2: Stationary that students never use
3: Not to mention the teachers who are demanding more $$$ day after day

Students today learn more about debt than their career choice.
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Jul 2018
Trump World! Where the circus is always in town.
Do you get paid to be such a douche? Ants, termites and bees all have societies of a sort. And not a single penny changes "hands" to get things done. Of course, human society is different. And there are some things that are more difficult to do. There is also some need for status. Taking all this into consideration, there is no reason why anybody should have to pay any more for a college education than it costs the average student to get a high school education. Now, agree with me worm. I DEMAND it!

Let's see.... uh yes, here, the best thing for incoherent rage.

these will take a couple weeks ti be effective so in the meantime take these, 3 times a day

Dec 2017
You can get training at Community College for free that most University graduates do not attain--for instance, Calc 1-3 + Diff. Eq., Classical Mechanics-Modern Physics, General Chemistry-Organic Chem 2, etc. etc.

To be honest--most people are not going to University to get "educated". They are in it to receive a participation trophy.
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May 2018
Just like it is in most other developed countries. But then, those countries don't have the same problem with useless negroes and mexicans that we have. Despite that, I think it could still be done. After all, a high school education is free. All that needs to be done is extend that to higher education. If I thought there was a snowflakes chance in hell of my ever being to afford college, I would have done better in high school.
No, it shouldn't be free. It needs to be paid for in a different way than it is now. Nothing is free.