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sorry you are wrong. Jefferson was the catalyst for the Amendment change:

Jefferson, Adams and the Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Posted on May 2, 2010 by Advocatus Diaboli

Jefferson gave us the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution plus the 12th.

Upon becoming president in the 1800 election Jefferson asked for the president to be able to pick their own vice president thus the 12th amendment was born, and finally passed in 1804.

The 12th Amendment provided the following remedies:

* separate ballots are used for president and vice president;

* the candidates with the greatest number of votes for each office will be elected if that number constitutes a majority of the total electors;

* if a majority for the president is lacking, the House of Representatives shall vote by state from among the three highest candidates;

* if a majority for the vice president is lacking, the Senate shall vote by state from among the two highest candidates;

* the vice president must meet the same constitutional requirements as provided for the president.

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Nov 2012
I would have said no way to Hillary. Now, though, with the rise of Communism in the Democratic party, Hillary could actually stand out as the beacon of hope to smash it down in her party. It could happen. Oh, my my how it saddens me to have to destroy something as hilarious as Communism. I mean, its not funny that it kills people by the millions and is so great it needs totalitarianism to work, but in this instance, Communism is hilarious. We are still going to kill it
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