Hong Kong where lone police officer is hunted like prey

Jun 2013
A video clip in the following link shows a group of masked rioters moving cautiously like hunters towards a building after alighting from a bus in Hong Kong on Tuesday 1st October. Their target was soon shown to be a lone police officer. The policeman tripped while trying to flee from the group of masked attackers. They fell upon him like a pack of wolves, attacking him with iron rods and other weapons. One of the masked men was holding a hammer. Another policeman rushed to rescue his fallen colleague but he was attacked by a masked rioter. In the confusion, the policeman fired his gun in self-defence.

I have suggested in a previous post that every Hong Kong policeman should be armed with at least two cameras to photograph any incident as evidence for his own protection.

Due to US "predatory" moves, the rioters have become increasingly violent. Hence the authorities should release any evidence (e.g. film footage) as justification for the police officer's last resort in using his gun for self-defence.

In the current dangerous situation in Hong Kong, law enforcement officers should be doing their duty in groups of 3 or more, otherwise they are risking their lives in the line of duty.
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