How do we reduce the number of mass shootings?

Apr 2014
You have made an excellent point. When the pro-gun side questions the liberals on their stances toward drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes - all of which cost many many many more times the number of causalities that guns do, the subject goes to Hell. It's because it's not about saving lives; it is about control. So, how do we reduce the number of mass shootings?

I've developed a list of risk factors and once a person has passed the half way mark (doing half or more of any of the things ) there is a 100 percent chance that person will commit an act of violence. If you'd like I can post the list.

I'd like to take a typical case, however, and show you what could be done (and in the end it would reduce the costs of local government.) Let's use Nicholas Cruz as our example:

Nicholas Cruz killed 17 people in the Parkland school shooting incident. So, we know that Cruz was a young man that was addicted to violent video games - sometimes playing for 15 hours a day; he was a special education student; he had a fascination with violence; he often posed on the Internet with weapons:

A mass murderer’s digital trail: Nikolas Cruz dropped crumbs all across the worldwide web

Police went to Cruz's home 39 times in a 7 year period

CNN: Law Enforcement Went To Nikolas Cruz’s Home 39 Times Over 7-Year Period

Cruz had a myriad of behavioral problems that mental health officials, LEOs, etc. find to be "eerily familiar." Here was a kid that was a loner, got expelled from school, got his kicks by killing small animals, was bullied in school, had a fascination with violence, said weird things to classmates in school, etc. etc. A liberal at Time magazine lamented the fact that nothing is being done to change the behavior of why a child would want an AR 15 in the first place.

Why We Shouldn't Always Expel Kids Like Nikolas Cruz

The Time writer had a personal bias since there is absolutely NOTHING wrong in wanting an AR 15. The problem is that society did not IDENTIFY AND REACT to the situation. We know, in advance, who is going to act BEFORE the act of violence occurs. It just becomes easier to blame the gun than it is to help fix broken people.

What We Know So Far About Florida Shooter Nikolas Cruz

DCF: Parkland Suspect Was Taking Medication at Time of Probe

What mental health treatment did Florida shooter receive | Daily Mail Online

(If you read between the lines, the fact that Cruz had been on SSRIs is being judiciously omitted.

In my follow-up post we will go point by point to show what could have been done
Agreed. Obviously Cruz, as well as the others I listed, had mental issues and nothing was done. Why? Same old problems: Lack of funding and lack of legislation.
Apr 2014
Still, if we confiscated all the guns there would be no shootings.
If we required mental health screening for firearm ownership, we'd probably catch a few would be mass shooters.
Or we could just do the free market approach, and make people responsible for all the damage their firearms caused.
Responsibility would follow ownership, so if a gun was used in a crime, the registered owner of that gun would be financially responsible for the damages caused.
Great. Let's follow that with all the other rights. Cars, computers, liquor, cigarettes, the pesticides you use in your yard (if you have a yard), etc
Nov 2018
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notice the correlation between Gun Control laws and homicide rates the highest homicide rate was during the Clinton Assault weapons ban.

When that ban sunset, and 48 states passed Shall Carry CCL laws the homicide rate declined 60% from 10/100,000 to 4/100,000

Complete nonsense, of course, unless you can show causation and controls that were uninfluenced by the changes you have asserted.
It is possible to label the homicide chart with any number of variables and assert an effect. Of course only a very unsophisticated person would do that to try to fool the gullible.
As for example:
Joke gun homicide best.png
Jul 2008
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Let’s start with a basic fact.

The US is the only industrialized nation that has an over abundance of firearms (more guns than people) and we are the only industrialized nation that has the problems with mass shootings at this scale.

The answer to this problem is not MORE guns. Other industrialized nations have less of a problem and fewer guns.

Now there is a choice that has to be made. Do we want to reduce the number of people killed by guns or do we accept the number of deaths as just the cost of having the “right to bear arms”?
Mar 2018
Agreed. Obviously Cruz, as well as the others I listed, had mental issues and nothing was done. Why? Same old problems: Lack of funding and lack of legislation.
Local jurisdictions could simply reassign existing employees and not even bother creating another bureaucracy.

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