How good is the NHS?

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
I'd like to hear from those that use the NHS for health care, my sister lives in the uk i asked her once soon after she moved to London how bad the NHS really was as I had constantly heard horror stories
she looked at me rather amused, more amused than surprised and said" I use it all the time, for the most part its marvelous, I dont get charge for prescriptons or doctor visits its fine"
I then asked her if it was so marvelous why she had private insurance also her eply was basically "just in case" because she had heard the horror stories too, she said 90% of the time she used the nhs and it was fine, private insurance meant if there was a waiting line for a rare procedure she did not have to wait in it, but 90% of the time THE NHS WAS FINE

if you are american and live in the uk, how does the nhs compare to the us system?? please honest good or bad i'd like to know
if you are british how happy are you with your health system???
thank you
Key strengths of the UK’s NHS include:

  • It provides unusually good financial protection to the public from the consequences of ill health. For example, it has the lowest proportion of people who skipped medicine due to cost (2.3% in 2016 compared to an average of 7.2% across the comparator countries).
  • It is relatively efficient: the UK has the largest share of generic prescribing of all comparator countries, at 84% in 2015 compared to an average of 50%.
  • It performs well in managing patients with some long-term conditions like diabetes and kidney diseases: fewer than one in a thousand people are admitted to hospital for diabetes in a given year, compared to over two in a thousand admitted in Austria or Germany.
The NHS at 70: How good is the NHS?