How much proof do you need

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
If you look at measures like life expectancy, and infant mortality the usa is a third world nation why do europeans and canadians on average live like 3 years longer than we do? well i will tell you State of U.S. Health Care: Lower Life Expectancy, More Uninsured Kids our health care system sucks rich people on average live ten years longer than poor proplr in this disgusting rotting corpse of a nation
American life expectancy has declined by three-tenths of a year from its peak of 78.9 years in 2014. And while Americans get sicker, their counterparts in other developed nations have begun to live longer lives. “Life expectancy is 84.1 years in Japan and 83.7 years in Switzerland, first and second in the most-recent ranking by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The U.S. ranks 29th on that list,” Marketwatch reported. The old canard — that correlation isn’t causation — still holds, but it’s worth mentioning that most other developed nations have some sort of robust public option for health-care coverage in place. Japan, for example, has publicly financed national insurance, and monthly premiums are determined by a person’s income.

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