How to creat a cheaper economic divide.

Jun 2018
It is something that has been shown clearly enough in many countries. For the wealthy, you have them live in houses that in an equivilant way here would be a house that costs around $100,000, at most. Everybody else would live in grass huts or huts made of scrap peices basically picked out of the garbage.

You see, what really matters to people is for them to have more than others. If you make the poor REALLY poor, then it wouldn't take much for the wealthy to feel wealthy. And to have something to lord over the poor. Unluclky for us, by letting third world lowlife scum from south of the border come here, that is what our government is working toward.
Jun 2018
Don't worry, put a picture of the dear leader on top of the scrap pieces picked out of the garbage and maybe you will feel much better.


But I feel your pain, now even poor people will start feeling rich and look down upon you.

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