How to Handle People Who Make You Feel Inferior

Sep 2015
Brown Township, Ohio
Why do you think horses are particularly stupid animals? What do you have against horses, Clara, to compare them mentally to a brain-damaged idiot who was pretty damned stupid 30 years ago but who has gotten dumber over the years?
Horses are stupid but mules are intelligent, gee means turn right and haw means turn left.

Edit: However, a mule will balk when crossing a small stream only two inches deep when the mule gets whipped.
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Nov 2012
You can tell people who feel inferior - they boast like trump. People who feel totally inferior to everyone else boast even more like trump. People who spend all their time trying to spite everyone to whom they feel totally inferior are trump. The way never to feel inferior is to pay steady attention to trump.
May 2018
To sum up, the way you handle people who make you insecure is to turn your attention inward and shore up your own self-esteem. Just because one person leads you to question yourself doesn’t mean that you’re inadequate. There may also be times when you’re particularly vulnerable. Recognize that people’s feelings of security can vary over time, and this will help you reduce the distress that one given individual can cause.
How to Handle People Who Make You Feel Inferior
The answer is clear, ignore them. Don't give them your time or energy. Anything they are saying about you is completely about their own insecurities. If you give in to them, they'll drag you down. Walk away, and do not give them an ounce of your time.
Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
Hey Sabcat, will you please clarify and expand your thoughts to clara's post?
I am not sure how i was unclear.

It didn't take but one post to jump to trump. Why? I dunno. I guess at least it is not the russians (yet)

I am sure thru some mental gymnastics i could connect every OP to Hillary, 9/11 or AIDS if i wanted to. Or i could just find my way to a thread already on thar topic.

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