How to Improve Skin Color?

Jun 2018
I have recently created a blog post about how to get fair skin. I am looking for some more ideas to improve skin color in a natural way. I am sharing the link with you so you can read and tell me some other ways which I have not added. This will help me and my readers.
How to get Fair Skin Complexion Naturally? Best Home Remedies

Looking forward to hearing from you new ideas.

Thanks in advance.

The best skin hue at the moment is called presidential orange!
You can get it by stuffing burgers, chicken nuggets and playing golf.

Every week you spray some paint on and you are good to go. Perfect orange specimen.
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Jun 2018
Wow, somebody has issues with race and older people. Who else do you hate?
The answers to your question can be found the book I mentioned. But if you would read it can be answered in my avatar image. Too bad. Because if you did, maybe we could discuss that "race" thing some more.