How would you describe yourself politically & on the issues? Are you a Trump supporter, or not? Are you a US Citizen?

Nov 2017
I'm curious and would like to know how you describe yourself - it's not to criticize you for your stances/positions on these things. Do you identify as liberal, conservative, socialist, libertarian, centrist, communist, anarchist, authoritarian, monarchist, oligarchist, etc? Where do you lean on the issues? I'd also like to know whether or not you're a US citizen (i.e., born in the US, naturalized immigrant, etc.).

For example, I'm a Trump supporter, US citizen (born in the US), and I identify as a non-religious libertarian, socially liberal, and fiscally conservative. I'm a centrist in the sense that I'm opposed to socialism and anarchism; there should be equilibrium between the individual and the collective (the collective should not come before the individual i.e. socialism, and the individual should not come before the collective i.e. anarchism). I'm for the free market system and opposed to state capitalism & central planning; I'm completely opposed to any laws that impose any bans, restrictions, or mandates when it comes to keeping and bearing arms; I'm both for freedom from religion and for freedom of practicing any religion; I'm for freedom of speech & for freedom of the press; I'm opposed to any state-imposed discrimination for & against anyone on account of sex, race, religion, sexual identity/orientation; I'm pro-life; I'm for adhering to the US Constitution & opposed to judicial activism; I'm non-interventionist when it comes to state involvement in international matters; I'm for pulling out of the UN; I'm not a fan of a private central bank. My favorite politician is Ron Paul. If anyone's curious about any issue I didn't cover please let me know and I'll try to provide a response.